Storm All State-Run Buildings

Storm all State-run buildings,

Sit in, unite, occupy,

Fight for the rights of the vulnerable,

As the State wants them to die,


The callous creeps in government,

Cut benefits to the bone,

Storm Buckingham Palace,

Chain ourselves to the throne,

Make ourselves so visable,

Never go away,

Show this evil government,

The disabled will not fade away,


Name and shame the evil,

As only the rich survive,

Crimes against humanity,

And evil ConDem lies.



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Jang Sung-taek

Jang Sung-taek’s career, in North Korea,

Rife with danger,

Jang Sung-taek

No golden goodbyes and a retirement plan,

No pension for life,

Show trial and a swift end,

Show Trial 2

From your family, no ones friend,

Condemned by the state, a figure of hate,

Human scum, worse than a dog, media condemned,

By orders of your nephew, deleted, erased,


Kim Jong-un, uncle killer,

Machine gunned out of the way,

Out of favour, out of grace,

Hell hath no fury than a Kim Jong-un scorned.

Kim Jong-un

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Princess Anne’s Horsemeat

Princess Anne, Princess Anne,

Orders to eat horses whenever we can,

Anna Sewell spins in her grave,


Welfare for food,

Horses for meat,

Perverse kind of logic,

From the royal elite,

Sending to the knackers yard,


It would be so easy,

It wouldn’t be hard,

McDonald’s Red Rum burgers,


So yummy to eat,

Princess Anne horse steaks,

Such a tasty treat.


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The September Sun

In the September sun we walk in fields,

All full of green and yellow flowers,

To the graveyard of our beloved dead,

Gothic splendor of the yew trees,

The trees of the longtime dead,

Eerie and malevolent,

Dark and full of horror,

September Sun

The metal gate creaks with a metallic noise,

Like a muffled bell of death,

Soon after fruitfulness creeps into the decay that heralds death,

In nature all is plain to see,

Transformation, the seasons,

Overwhelm you and me,

We are never ready for the dark and falling decaying leaves,

And sleep and hibernation comes to living things,

All waiting for rebirth,

And birds that sweetly sing,

Bless your sweet souls that in spirit dimensions now grow in light and love and hope,

We will all meet again in our spiritual spring and summer,

Lands that are free of pain and grief,

Shining like the sun,

Rebirth and regrowth.

Glad Day

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Land of No Hope

Land of no hope with Tories,


No one and nothing is free,

Watch how they exploit us,

Destroying liberty,

Enslave and exploit the poor,

The final solution of their class war,


They gather like vermin conference time,

Making unemployment the new crime,

The selfish rich feather their nests,

And treat the underprivileged like pests,


The nasty party will never change,

Greed and slavery they depend,

The millionaires true friend,

Feather their nests

21st century serfdom,

‘Work will make you free’,


An idea nicked from the Nazis,

By the nasty party.

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Genocide in Syria

Genocide in Syria,

Gassing people like rats,

Syria Gassing

How can the world look on,

And not condemn mass murder on that scale?

Mideast Lebanon Syria TOPIX



A crime against humanity,

Someone is to blame,

And the nations can’t seem to stop this evil act of shame,

Genocide in Syria 2

Anyone who lets this evil go unpunished,

Is as evil as who launched this crime,

Tyrants will fall,

But innocents still die,

Weak world leaders,

Weak World Leaders 2

Condemn with words,

As children and babies die.

Genocide in Syria

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Eurosceptic to the Core

Eurosceptic to the core,


In fighting the Tory open sore,


Scared of the UKIP types,


And referendum vote passed without a fight,

As the European Union hasn’t worked,

EU Flag

Or costs too much,

Little Englanders gather fast,

To tie their Eurosceptic flags to the mast,

Rats leaving the sinking ship,

Little Englanders

As we get bogged down in the Euro divorce,

In out, in out, shake it all about,

In or out

Watch as Human Rights erode,

So the far-right can do just what they like,

Sweat shop Britain is their goal,

David Cameron

Workers made slaves,

To profit the role.

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The combine harvester working away,

Combine Harvester with Bales of Hay

The bales all piled up of freshly cut hay,

Blackberries in hedgerows glisten with dew,

Blackberry Hedgrow

Heat haze a-glistens wherever you go.

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Putin on the Prejudice

Putin on the prejudice,

Russia’s homophobic president goes the extra mile,

Pussy Riot girls in bondage,

Locked up for expressing views,

Court hearing on Pussy Riot case

The rainbow flag hangs half mast,

As human rights in Russia remains firmly in the past,

Diversity is not allowed,


Putin’s put it down,

As he macho’s it up in his ex-wife’s ballgown,

Wrestling his power crazed body in Moscow’s saunas deep,

Closeted in the Kremlin,

He is almost in Narnia,

Putin in Narnia

And clamp down on anyone who expresses freedom,

To be who they are meant to be,

Poison a dissident,

Plutonium flavoured tea,

Putin it about,

Cracking down on gays,

Russia Protest

And anyone he wants gone,

We know his queer funny ways,

Is daft and really wrong.

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Egypt Army Coup

Coup by the army in Egypt,

Egypt Army Coup

Divorce of the Morsi Islamic Brotherhood,

Our government doesn’t really care,

As we didn’t want an Islamist government over there,

Morsi Voted In

Democracy in action,

The people of Egypt made a mistake,

Egypt's new president-elect, Muslim Brot

And the army has repaired it,

Wonder what would happen here,

If we got rid of our shower of shit,

Cameron & Clegg 2

Like the Egyptian people and army did?

We don’t have the gumption, the courage or the will,

To rise up,

And get rid of the Tory / Lib Dems,

And I expect the army and police wouldn’t help us,

Clegg, Cameron & Clegg

To be released from the grip of misrule,

So we have two more years of these fascist fools,

Cameron & Clegg

And will Ed Miliband be any better?

I only hope it’s so,

Ed Miliband

Or what can we do?

Social justice,

A thing of the past,

Of empty hopes that never last.

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