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Theresa May

Theresa May, go away, your lies and excuses do not wash,

A monster from Dr Who is more genuine than you,

Out of your depth, chaos and lies, incompetent,

Everything you touch turns to poo,

Get dates of deportation wrong for fundamentalist clerics,

Who encourage their hate; how long do we have to wait ’till there is another bomb?

Violent police that slip through the net that unlawfully kill who they ought to protect,

Mislead, misrule and destroy the peace,

Go away Therasa May and take the coalition with you,

In the name of all that is good and pure and true,

God protect our nation


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Corporate Greed

Planning a problem no one can see,

Who is responsible for security?

Fiasco from the moment the Olympic Games got here,

No one kept up with dealing with threat of fear,

Cash spent and wasted,

All hot air,

Trojan horse,

Greeks bringing gifts,

World unstable,

The threat of peace,

No substance,

Just McDonalds and greed,

Awful beef burgers on which to feed,

Corporate funding,

Big business sponsor,

All nations gather,

Triumph and fail,

All smoke and mirrors,

Corruption and greed and tickets for the rich,

On McDonalds they feed,

Masticate the lukewarm flesh,

As soldiers supplied by the Ministry of Defence,

Not made redundant to save the cash,

For four weeks at least,

At a time when the world knows nothing of peace,

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The Queen’s Barge

Brainwashing has begun; Queen’s Jubilee,

ITN News; the Queen is on a roll after all the problems the royal family has been through,

My heart weeps for them; never do they have to be poor,

Protected and privileged,

Worth all the cash the lick spittles,

Say they generate tourism and all that crap the propaganda claims,

A waste of resources, a waste of time,

Having everything handed on a plate,

While the poor and jobless, made scapegoats by the state,

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Lamb To The Slaughter

In too deep, Chloe Smith,

Fudge and muddled on the Newsnight show,

Victim of communication, misinformed nation,

Cause consternation by the Tory blame-game machine,

Her hairy black top lip let it slip that she didn’t understand the Osborne u-turn plan on fuel,

Paxman made her look like a fool,

Unbriefed, damaged and thrown to the media wolves,

Paxman asked “are you joking?”,

She don’t tell jokes, too dry to be funny,

Just talking nonsense on the telly,

Reshuffled back to the back of the room,

Political nonentity, in the Tory gloom,

Gloom and despondency,

Blaming a naive MP.

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The Policies Of The Quiet Man

Slowly the big corporations wake to the will of the people,

Iain Duncan-Smith’s bitter plans,

Dissent spreads like a virus across our land,

Companies drop the slavery plan, is not great PR,

An idea worthy of the Nazi Albert Speer,









And we all saw its flaws,

We aren’t like Nazis anymore,

A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work,

Not a radical idea anyone thought,

Apart from Tories and the rich or bankers with their bonus scams,









Rules for the rich,

Rules against the poor,

Only causes social unrest and class war,


Meanwhile every year jingoists sing RULE BRITANNIA and Tories take note,


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