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London shops all empty, like the hopes of a healthy economy,

Streets not full of millions of people,

Hyped up corporate greed,

The sharks eat rotten flesh as the Olympic dreams all fade,

The gravy boat becomes a grave,

Clouds of childish groundless faith

Faith of the spending power of our missing guests,

Ghost Town spending tourists down the empty streets and tills of LondonTown.


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Norwich Gay Pride



The fashion police,

No one understanding,

The rainbow flag blowing hot then cold,

Collective speaks; you do what you are told,

Not peace and understanding,

Who understands the politics of envy?

Join in the victory policed and enforced by the powers that be,

Restraining their political correctness,

Given a platform for a conservative mistress,

Who knows not what she knows,

Or do,

Naive and unreconstructed,

Snow White in a tent preaching right wing thoughts,

A row over t-shirts mars the day,

Petty arguments hold sway,

All kicked off on Gay Pride Day.

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