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Syrian Escalation

Wissam al-Hassan, blown up in Beirut,

In a big bang,

Syria gets the blame,

Escalating violence is crazy, who is to blame?

Blowing up Christians in Damascus ain’t very nice,

Al-Bashar bashes all he suspects,

Peace blocked, vetoed by Russia and Chinese,

Rest of the world is impotent, can’t get any peace,

Despots fall in time or face a war crime trial,

Unstable world of chaos,

Troubled blood times,

When will people ever learn hate and bloodshed is not the way,

As doves of peace all fade away and killing becomes the norm.


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Lord Young’s Got The Whip

Who do you think you are kidding David Cameron,

Now you’ve promoted Lord Young?

The qualities he has can be written on a postage stamp,

Not too clever at positive spin,

Clumsy, crass and uncaring,

Tory scum all tow the party line,

Passing evil laws, partners in crime,

Disenfranchises the vulnerable and poor all of the time.

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At last the ASBO MP has done the decent thing,

Plebs all jump for joy as the snob MP no longer holds the whip,

Back to the back benches, good riddance to bad rubbish,

ASBO MP, lets hope the misguided plebs who voted him in, remember this banana skin,

Andrew Mitchell, potty mouth, on your bike, be gone you lout,

And lets hope he will be voted out.

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The Griffin

Griffin, ugly and mean with deformed mutated eyes, spreads hateful venom online,

Homophobic claws come out,

Exposing private information,

To right-wing bigots across the nation,

An enemy of equality stuck in the 1950s,

When persecution was the norm,

Ignore the fascists evil scorn,

Pink triangles remember them?

Hitler’s State controlled homophobia,

The Griffin cries its bigoted scrawk,

To the haters who attempt to spread their fascist thoughts,

Throw the morons into gaol, fine them,

And show them in our modern world we will punish the haters.

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Cull A Tory

Cull a Tory the badgers cry,

They cause social unrest and make poor vulnerable people die,

Inject them with vaccine to give the defence, or right wing austerity, make them see sense,

Division and envy, inequality and greed,

In union with Lib Dems, they all slowly feed,

And vampire like their indifference is not a defence,

Blame the poor and the vulnerable, make them scapegoats,

And grab all the misguided Tory votes,

The Daily Mail readers, the slime bottom feeders,

The bankers, the greedy evil graspers,

Cull the coalition, the badgers all cry!

Social injustice won’t forever hold sway,

Badger the bastards till they all go away.

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Life’s A Gas

Prices of heating have risen again,

The greed of utilities knows no end,

Fuel poverty is nobody’s friend,

As the old and poor die of the cold,

What does the coalition do?

Cut at the social structure too,

Fabric of a civilised society crumbles in the wake of austerity too,

Rather spend cash we don’t really have on remembering the slaughter of a hundred year war,

Waste on symbols for a better world,

Cry out for justice and not be heard,

Turn a blind eye and watch the poor die,

Save on the pensions, they win every way,

Shareholders happy,

Gas prices rise,

Undertakers snowed under as the death toll rise.

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Jimmy Can’t Fix It

Can Jimmy fix it from his grave,

Victims free from fear to expose the truth?

Why now when death has claimed the suspected Knight,

Who kept the darkest secrets from justice,

And why, what for?

Now it’s far too late,

Justice can’t be served.

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