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The Leveson Inquiry

Set up an inquiry out of public concerns,

Bandwagon jumping, no lessons learned,

Jump on the Bandwagon

You supped with the devil and used a short spoon,

Supping with the Devil

No one, without any doubt, knows the truth from the lies,

Drinking at the trough of the last chance saloon,

Supping at the Trough

The rags of lies,

Sickness of the media sharks,

Out of control, no balance,

Making up things that just aren’t true,

Cover-ups fed by the powers that be,

Three Liars

Waste people’s time and lives perverting the truth,

Can’t stop the tide of the sea of truth,

Washing over the establishment,

Blowing up in the face of cover-ups and lies,

What is the point of a judicial review if the government doesn’t act?

Can’t seem to divorce themselves from their partners of lies,

Jump on a bandwagon, Cameron lies,

Full of lies and says what he thinks he wants people to hear,


Inconsistent and unclear,

Muddled and corrupt,

Full of hot wind that melts in the air.


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