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IDS Chaos

Slave labour by the government and DWP is illegal,

The courts have upheld,

Upheld 2

No one should be compelled, to work for nothing,

Iain Duncan Smith’s evil work unfair scam, in chaos across the land,

Att. Ayes to the Left -

Intransigent government will try to appeal,

They don’t like to be in the wrong,

Exploit the unemployed, the government’s plan,


Boycott the companies,

Name and shame those that exploit the poor,

Att. Occupy Wall Street

End this evil class war.


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In a muddle,

Education Secretary Michael Gove has apologised to council leaders over mistakes on a list of schools affected by building cuts.

Gove in a u-turn bridge too far,

Education reform a mistake,


Not knowing his arse from his elbow,

Political football,

Political Football

Chaos in education,

Messing in the future of children’s lives,

Who can trust them?


Whatever they do they make a mess,

Gove Nonsense

Muddled policies,

Make a complete nonsense.

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Richard III

Dug up in a car park, Richard III,

File photograph of archaeologist Mathew Morris standing in the trench where he found skeleton remains during an archaelogical dig to find the remains of King Richard III in Leicester

York Minister wants the bones,

An unseemly row breaks out, fighting over the bones,

Richard III Bones

Controversial in life and also in death,

Who wants to cash in on the tourist trade,

Cash-in 2

Unseemly arguments,

In what Cathedral laid?

War of the Roses,

Battle of Bosworth Weapons

Dynastic wars,

Power at any price,

Hunchback nephew killer, my Kingdom for a horse,


DNA and lots of tests, fighting over bones,

Dogs with bones

York and Leicester, scams,

Who wants the tourists plans?

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Political work now finished,

Bye Bye

Revenge by ex-wife you set aside,

Huhne Pryce

Perverting the course of justice, controlling your ex to lie,

A dead, long gone king in a car park has more of a chance than you,

Richard III

Even if he murdered his nephews, who knows what is really true?


Power corrupts, in the past bloody dynastic wars,

People in power sometimes lie and kill to keep it too,

Power at any price

You don’t need to be honest, power at any price,

Even some Tories don’t like Huhne, his arrogant style ain’t nice,


Slippery controlling pig of a man, shifty controlling shit,

Richard III, 21st century Huhne, brought down by the woman he hurt,

Brought Down

Forced to lie for her man.

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Snow and frost and mind numbing cold,


Valentine’s Day for the romantic fold,

Red roses at twenty pound for five, it’s great for lovers to be alive,


Snowdrops poke up from the ground,


The first signs of spring to be found.

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