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Weary of the War of Words

Weary of the war of words,

The lies that people swallow,


The politicians do not care,

And they want sheep to follow,

Use you at election time,


To feather their own nests,

Muddle and chaos is the way to stop any progress,

Clamp down on any one deemed to be unproductive,



Starve them out,

Rich & Poor

Let them die,

Only the rich, the strong, survive,

And scrap us all in the ministry of neglect,

Of death and pain and sorrow,

As they plan the death of social care,

The NHS,

There is no tomorrow,


Crush the weakest,

Kill them off,

Save the money for the better-off,

This is the legacy of Thatcher carrying on,

As we all rot in hell like her,

And dream of a brighter tomorrow.



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Lost in a World of Conflict

Lost in a world of conflict and war,

The pursuit of happiness has gone,

War & Conflict

In a threat of gun violence and fanatics,

With bombs to slaughter the innocents,

Who dreamt of happier times,

Making people less free in the land of the free,

Land of the Free

Big money talks dictating policy,

At the expense of common sense,

Imploding in evil and violence,

No human rights of man,

Tom Paine’s legacy,

Thomas Paine

Just a new sham,

God save America,

As no man now can,

As people won’t learn,

And make huge mistakes,

As children are killed,

Children Killed

A nation’s heart breaks.

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Spring at its zenith,

Hung on a cross,

The lamb of god,

Lamb of God

The sacrifice,

Life grows and warmth comes,


Chocolate eggs and hot cross buns.

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Now The Dust Has Settled

Now the dust has settled,

And the ashes have been interned,

What lessons have we all learnt?

Are we more wiser to the depths establishment will go?

More Wiser 2

And the costs of their farewell,

Did it buy them any votes?


Did it give them any hopes?

Did it unite the nation like it did the Tory party?

Tories Unite

Did it lay any ghosts?

Lay Any Ghosts

Empty gestures mask the past,

Jingoistic feelings fade and never last,

They still continue digging up sordid allegations from the past,

Rolf-Harrising still goes on,

Tie my celebrity down,

The latest song deflection,

Dirty tricks campaign,

To take our minds off the Government misrule,


What depths will they sink to,

To open up Pandora’s Box?

Pandora's Box

Who will they next arrest, any MPs?

Past or present,

Watch and see,

It all will stop,

If it spreads to the top,

Everything rotten in our state,


Will disperse before it’s too late,

Who will be the next figure of hate,

We wait and see with bated breath.

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Maggie’s Dead – Part Four

You left your mortal body in The Ritz,


The right-wing Tory press getting on my tits,

A stroke of luck,

Too late in time,

Too late in time

Should have been the Grand Hotel,

But the Devil looks after his own,

And death comes to she that waits,

The guilt trip of the powers that be,

Makes me laugh,

She was never voted out by the people of Finchley,

Just pushed away by 200 Tory friends,

Thatcher Tank

Political betrayal,

Stabbed in the back,

By Tory wide boys on the make,

Guilty gesture,

Open St Pauls,

St Pauls

Coffin on a gun carriage,

Carriage 3

Queen and them all,

Shedding their crocodile tears,

More important than Thatcher,

This Government’s very much alive,

Thatcher Cameron

Suppressing the poor,

The ill,

And the old,

Crushing us all with Tory and Lib Dem lies,

Destroying all hope of a better life,

Cameron Demans Tooth Fairy Money

Keeping Maggie’s legacy,

Cutting benefits like a stroke,

Like a butter knife.

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Growing Voices of Dissent

Growing voices of dissent,

Rejects the state control,


Thought police and right-wing media,

Thought Police

Tries to instruct us how to think and act,

Its obvious that the media attempts to brainwash us all,


As the media is the propaganda tool,

Of the Government of lies,

Spreads hatred of anyone the Government use to scapegoat,

To justify their policies,

Breeding Consent

Play on people’s prejudices, fears,

Makes us all less tolerant,

And even question what the Government doesn’t,

That’s the evil mind control,

The sheep under complete control,

Sheep Under Control

Not North Korea,

Open your eyes,

It’s happening here,

And it gets worse as the austerity policies take hold,

Rebel you sheep,

Rebel Sheep

And escape from the fold,

Or you will be next to be controlled.

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The Male Nude In Art

Let’s never be a prude,

About the male nude,

In art all on display.


It’s part of the norm,

In all its forms,

In galleries displayed.


What’s wrong with a male nude in art?

No need to fear, it’s not wrong.

No need to fear

It’s a natural part of nature,

In all its forms.

The ancient Greeks made little ones,

In marble white displayed,

Greek Marble

As animals only had big ones,

Wild savage in a cage.

The Victorians used a fig leaf,

To cover up display,

Fig Leaf

But lets celebrate the male form nude,

In all it is portrayed.

Nudity in art, in life, in all so many forms,

It’s natural, not dirty,


Lets celebrate them all.

We’re all created equal but different,

In nature’s master plan,

As we are all human,

We are naked, we are man.

Layback Male Dancer

The Male Nude In Art – featured in LSD Magazine ‘Inception’ Issue 10

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Maggie’s Dead – Part Three

Jingoistic funeral establishment all dressed in black,


Very hypocritical,

Bandwagon jumping,

Flags at half-mast,


A good send-off,

Bugger the expense,

Margaret Thatcher funeral rehearsal

Votes in this,

If they do it right,

As they launch Maggie’s corpse to eternal night.


No more sitting on the fence,

They must think we are dense,

If Maggie was that good, why did they all gang up and get rid?

Why do they expect respect, when they give none in return?

Evil and destructive,

Maggie T

No lessons learnt,

Dust she will be,

And dust will return to cover the closed down factories,

People never learn,

Tories can’t be trusted,


Only if you’re rich,

Maggie’s really hated,

Because she was a bitch.

Thatcher Spitting Image

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Maggie’s Dead – Part Two

You got into power in 1979,

My heart sank as I booed at you in Downing Street,

Maggie T Elected

I felt you would destroy our nation and encourage capitalist greed,

My fear and loathing grew,

As your policy’s spread like a cancer,

Factory and coal mines closed,

Thatcher Miners

You got more extreme every time you got in power,

Crushing all who you despised,


Your 3rd term was like your 3rd Reich

Poll tax a tax too far,

Poll Tax

Even your fellow Tory scummers stabbed you in the back,

Then replaced by John Major,

A useless excuse for a man,

Shagging Edwina Currie whenever he could get it up,

illustration Matt blease

We smile at the death of a fascist bitch,

Burn her up and throw her in a ditch,

Margaret Thatcher death celebrations in Brixton, London

And when the tributes have all been said,

Be happy,


Maggie’s dead.


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Maggie’s Dead – Part One

Respect is something earned, not gained,

Your death doesn’t change my mind from 1979,

Your poison spells made the nation empty and unequal,


Thatcher was unkind,

From milk snatcher to the war,

Falklands War 2

With working people,

Encouraging human greed,

Of yuppy days bankers’ power growing,

Greed overflowing,


Your 3rd term was just evil,

With the council tax,

Even your nasty Tory friends stabbed you in the back.


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