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Coldest May

Coldest May in 50 years,

The wind, the rain, the frost,


The rise of the right in politics,

How can we gain what we lost?

Even the weather has been austere,

The cuts to the poor,

The tax loopholes for the rich,

Propaganda of the right-wing press,


Stigmatises the disabled,

The poor,

Dog eat dogs,

Dog Eat Dog

And blames this mess,

On the people that didn’t cause it.



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Blossom of pink and white,

Flowers 2

Musty and sweet,

The smell of the flowers,

Maypoles and dancing,


The rite of late spring,

The fanfare for the crowned May Queen.

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Lord Norman Tebbit

Norman Tebbit,

His obtrude remarks does him no credit,

Reactionary, homophobic and daft cheap jibes,

To make the Tory faithful laugh,


On your bike Norman Tebbit,

And your right-wing Lords,

UKIP voting fascist hordes,

Won’t take any notice of you,

As your time has past,

Norman Tebbit puppet

Now that you are out to grass,

Sitting on your scrawny arse,

The House of Lords,

Relics of the past,

Dead in the head,

Lesbian queens inseminating,


You can’t marry your son,

So, you aren’t paying tax?

NT 2

Ignorant, crass, reactionary twat,

Saying stupid things like that,

On your bike Norman Tebbit,

On Your Bike

And your true blue,

For your days are numbered,

Drop dead won’t you?

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