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Gun dog cowers in pain, in fear,

When brat draws near,

Edward's Evil Attack 2

Is it a bumpkin out in the sticks?

Or a cruel prince without any sense?

Bad tempered attack on a defenseless dog,

Edward's Evil Attack

Sums up the mindset of an inbred slob,

Meanwhile in London mummy’s money swells,

5% increase,

She’s doing very well,

Refit £1 million Kensington Palace,

As her younger son acts like a phallus,

Royal Phallus

Pigs all feeding at the trough,



Enough is enough.

Pigs at the Trough


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Tory Osborne

Tory Osborne,

Ten pound burger bun,

Osborne's Burger

Having his own sick Class War fun,

Mean to the point of callousness,

Mean-minded, cruel,

An evil mess,

George Osborne MP, Norwich, Norfolk, Jason Bye, 07/07/09

Give millions to the scrounging royals,

And nothing to the poor,


And now he’s started the Class War,

Rich being given everything,

Anarchist Pyramid

And nothing for the rest,

Pay freeze,

Lack of growth,

No investment for anyone,

GO 5

Unless you are a scrounging royal,

A baby factory,

Two palaces now one,

In Norfolk and London town,

Costing millions,

Yet anyone with an extra room has money deducted,

The poor being put in our place,

When royals have luxury palaces,

Kensington Palace

Come revolution!

Come rise up,

Wake up,

Let’s have some fun.

GO 6

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Pure Planet Gone

Subduction of the continental shelf,

Exploration of the mineral wealth,

The gold and silver of Bolivia,

Spanish exploitations of the past,

Mining in Bolivia

Destruction of the native people’s civilisations merge,

Coca leaves numb the pain,

Chew the plant to ease the discomfort of mining under the ground,

Chewing on Coca Leaves 2

Shaping the topography,

Man scars the planet,

Shapes the land,

The independence of nation’s environments,

For wealth wise up,

As nations rise up,

Exploit the world and destroy nature,

Mining in Bolivia 5

Pure planet gone,

Pollution stains the natural world,

To feed the industry of man,

And nature retreats to a forgotten dream,

A purity now seldom seen.

Mining in Bolivia 2

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Crisis of the C of E

Bishop of Norwich and the C of E,

Announcing on the local TV,

A £2 million shortfall in the red,

Diocese of Norwich

Now they are cadging and attempting to beg,

All the old biddies must be afraid,

As the C of E are trying to save,

Cash from the knitted hat brigade,

Landowners and dodgy deals,

Church Dodgy Deals

The tables in the temple turned,

What are the lessons learned?

Have they no fiscal sense,

Do they think we are dense?

Something has gone very wrong,

It makes no sense,

Always pleading poverty,

The cadging begging C of E.

C of E Begging

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Despair the Cuts

Despair the cuts in mental health nursing numbers,

NHS Jobs Cuts

Storing up problems for future times to come,

The same week,

A pink coffin carried to a grave,

Funeral of FA

Desperate woman,

Infanticide suicide,

Jumped to her death,

Multi-storey car park,

After killing her three small children,

Funeral of FA & children

And the baby inside her,

All died,

Desperate and mentally ill,

Fiona Anderson

No help,

Tragic times,

No support,

No life lines,


Sinking in desperation,

Desperation 2

Legacy of this coalition.

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Washed by the Water of Life

Washed by the water of life,


Sparkling moist,


Spirit of fraternal love,

Lost to indifference and prevarication,

Stalling stymied excuses,

Of gross betrayal,

Honesty 3

A stranger on the street would treat a man more fair,

Anyone would know how unjust,

How indifference turns to loss of faith,

Taking advantage,

Being exploited,

For no logical reason,


Disappointment by a material man,

Annoying and judgmental with half-cocked plans,

Wish I could escape and break away,

Home truths remain unspoken and mean minds firmly closed,

End this situation now.

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A Drover

Appear when conditions are right,

A drover on a Saturday night,

A ghost from a long gone time,

Beige image standing near the bar,


Not solid like you or I,

A spirit of a drover man,

Droving the livestock to market,


In the centre of Norwich City,

Underneath the castle mound,

Strange atmosphere,

Ghosts of drover gathering near,

Time slips,

A photograph image of the City’s past,

Norwich Market

Incredible proof there is no death,

Or how could the veil be seen?

Penetration of dimensions,

Of our metaphysical world,

Secrets of our hidden world.

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Sixty Years Ago

Sixty years ago,

We had the Queen crowned,

Communication was slower then,

Slow Communication

And a lot of water’s gone under the bridge,

Everything has changed,

Apart from status and power,

And lies,

Smoke screen cover-ups,

Truth now a rare thing hardly ever told,

Lurching from crisis to scandal,

Afraid of their own shadows,

Lurking in the sleazy fog,

Government Sleaze

Of corruption, sex and power,

The Queen has seen a lot of governments come and go,

And the disappointing drain of public faith,

The right-wing surge fed by the media,

Right Wing Media

And endless Class War mistakes.

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Cash For Questions

Cash for questions,

Arisen again,

Sleazy pigs at the trough of greed,

Trough of Greed

Lying leeches,

Using the parliament to feather their own nests,

Corruption in high places,

Feather their own nests

In the House of Lords it seems even worse,

Unelected cronies,

Ennobled and perverse,

Vermin in ermine,

Vermin in Ermine

Who make our democracy worse,

Low standards at the top,

Makes us all lose faith in the system,

And that is bad for our country,

How can we trust them that are on the make?

How can we trust them

How long do we have to wait?

If they can’t stop being on the make,

Rules and standards break,

Our trust broken down in institutions of power,

Lying Leeches

Rotten Lords, MPs,

A system in chaos,

Pigs at the trough.

Pigs at Trough

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Strawberries and cream,

And trips to the coast,


Away from grass pollen that gets up my nose,

Stormy and sullen,

Humid at times,


Escape from the thunder,

And hide inside.

Stay Inside

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