Putin on the Prejudice

Putin on the prejudice,

Russia’s homophobic president goes the extra mile,

Pussy Riot girls in bondage,

Locked up for expressing views,

Court hearing on Pussy Riot case

The rainbow flag hangs half mast,

As human rights in Russia remains firmly in the past,

Diversity is not allowed,


Putin’s put it down,

As he macho’s it up in his ex-wife’s ballgown,

Wrestling his power crazed body in Moscow’s saunas deep,

Closeted in the Kremlin,

He is almost in Narnia,

Putin in Narnia

And clamp down on anyone who expresses freedom,

To be who they are meant to be,

Poison a dissident,

Plutonium flavoured tea,

Putin it about,

Cracking down on gays,

Russia Protest

And anyone he wants gone,

We know his queer funny ways,

Is daft and really wrong.


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Filed under Equality, Ethics

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