The September Sun

In the September sun we walk in fields,

All full of green and yellow flowers,

To the graveyard of our beloved dead,

Gothic splendor of the yew trees,

The trees of the longtime dead,

Eerie and malevolent,

Dark and full of horror,

September Sun

The metal gate creaks with a metallic noise,

Like a muffled bell of death,

Soon after fruitfulness creeps into the decay that heralds death,

In nature all is plain to see,

Transformation, the seasons,

Overwhelm you and me,

We are never ready for the dark and falling decaying leaves,

And sleep and hibernation comes to living things,

All waiting for rebirth,

And birds that sweetly sing,

Bless your sweet souls that in spirit dimensions now grow in light and love and hope,

We will all meet again in our spiritual spring and summer,

Lands that are free of pain and grief,

Shining like the sun,

Rebirth and regrowth.

Glad Day


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Filed under Ethics, Philosophical

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