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The Male Nude In Art

Let’s never be a prude,

About the male nude,

In art all on display.


It’s part of the norm,

In all its forms,

In galleries displayed.


What’s wrong with a male nude in art?

No need to fear, it’s not wrong.

No need to fear

It’s a natural part of nature,

In all its forms.

The ancient Greeks made little ones,

In marble white displayed,

Greek Marble

As animals only had big ones,

Wild savage in a cage.

The Victorians used a fig leaf,

To cover up display,

Fig Leaf

But lets celebrate the male form nude,

In all it is portrayed.

Nudity in art, in life, in all so many forms,

It’s natural, not dirty,


Lets celebrate them all.

We’re all created equal but different,

In nature’s master plan,

As we are all human,

We are naked, we are man.

Layback Male Dancer

The Male Nude In Art – featured in LSD Magazine ‘Inception’ Issue 10


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