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Land of No Hope

Land of no hope with Tories,


No one and nothing is free,

Watch how they exploit us,

Destroying liberty,

Enslave and exploit the poor,

The final solution of their class war,


They gather like vermin conference time,

Making unemployment the new crime,

The selfish rich feather their nests,

And treat the underprivileged like pests,


The nasty party will never change,

Greed and slavery they depend,

The millionaires true friend,

Feather their nests

21st century serfdom,

‘Work will make you free’,


An idea nicked from the Nazis,

By the nasty party.


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Tory Osborne

Tory Osborne,

Ten pound burger bun,

Osborne's Burger

Having his own sick Class War fun,

Mean to the point of callousness,

Mean-minded, cruel,

An evil mess,

George Osborne MP, Norwich, Norfolk, Jason Bye, 07/07/09

Give millions to the scrounging royals,

And nothing to the poor,


And now he’s started the Class War,

Rich being given everything,

Anarchist Pyramid

And nothing for the rest,

Pay freeze,

Lack of growth,

No investment for anyone,

GO 5

Unless you are a scrounging royal,

A baby factory,

Two palaces now one,

In Norfolk and London town,

Costing millions,

Yet anyone with an extra room has money deducted,

The poor being put in our place,

When royals have luxury palaces,

Kensington Palace

Come revolution!

Come rise up,

Wake up,

Let’s have some fun.

GO 6

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Sixty Years Ago

Sixty years ago,

We had the Queen crowned,

Communication was slower then,

Slow Communication

And a lot of water’s gone under the bridge,

Everything has changed,

Apart from status and power,

And lies,

Smoke screen cover-ups,

Truth now a rare thing hardly ever told,

Lurching from crisis to scandal,

Afraid of their own shadows,

Lurking in the sleazy fog,

Government Sleaze

Of corruption, sex and power,

The Queen has seen a lot of governments come and go,

And the disappointing drain of public faith,

The right-wing surge fed by the media,

Right Wing Media

And endless Class War mistakes.

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Maggie’s Dead – Part Three

Jingoistic funeral establishment all dressed in black,


Very hypocritical,

Bandwagon jumping,

Flags at half-mast,


A good send-off,

Bugger the expense,

Margaret Thatcher funeral rehearsal

Votes in this,

If they do it right,

As they launch Maggie’s corpse to eternal night.


No more sitting on the fence,

They must think we are dense,

If Maggie was that good, why did they all gang up and get rid?

Why do they expect respect, when they give none in return?

Evil and destructive,

Maggie T

No lessons learnt,

Dust she will be,

And dust will return to cover the closed down factories,

People never learn,

Tories can’t be trusted,


Only if you’re rich,

Maggie’s really hated,

Because she was a bitch.

Thatcher Spitting Image

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IDS Chaos

Slave labour by the government and DWP is illegal,

The courts have upheld,

Upheld 2

No one should be compelled, to work for nothing,

Iain Duncan Smith’s evil work unfair scam, in chaos across the land,

Att. Ayes to the Left -

Intransigent government will try to appeal,

They don’t like to be in the wrong,

Exploit the unemployed, the government’s plan,


Boycott the companies,

Name and shame those that exploit the poor,

Att. Occupy Wall Street

End this evil class war.

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