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Jang Sung-taek

Jang Sung-taek’s career, in North Korea,

Rife with danger,

Jang Sung-taek

No golden goodbyes and a retirement plan,

No pension for life,

Show trial and a swift end,

Show Trial 2

From your family, no ones friend,

Condemned by the state, a figure of hate,

Human scum, worse than a dog, media condemned,

By orders of your nephew, deleted, erased,


Kim Jong-un, uncle killer,

Machine gunned out of the way,

Out of favour, out of grace,

Hell hath no fury than a Kim Jong-un scorned.

Kim Jong-un


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Land of No Hope

Land of no hope with Tories,


No one and nothing is free,

Watch how they exploit us,

Destroying liberty,

Enslave and exploit the poor,

The final solution of their class war,


They gather like vermin conference time,

Making unemployment the new crime,

The selfish rich feather their nests,

And treat the underprivileged like pests,


The nasty party will never change,

Greed and slavery they depend,

The millionaires true friend,

Feather their nests

21st century serfdom,

‘Work will make you free’,


An idea nicked from the Nazis,

By the nasty party.

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Genocide in Syria

Genocide in Syria,

Gassing people like rats,

Syria Gassing

How can the world look on,

And not condemn mass murder on that scale?

Mideast Lebanon Syria TOPIX



A crime against humanity,

Someone is to blame,

And the nations can’t seem to stop this evil act of shame,

Genocide in Syria 2

Anyone who lets this evil go unpunished,

Is as evil as who launched this crime,

Tyrants will fall,

But innocents still die,

Weak world leaders,

Weak World Leaders 2

Condemn with words,

As children and babies die.

Genocide in Syria

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Eurosceptic to the Core

Eurosceptic to the core,


In fighting the Tory open sore,


Scared of the UKIP types,


And referendum vote passed without a fight,

As the European Union hasn’t worked,

EU Flag

Or costs too much,

Little Englanders gather fast,

To tie their Eurosceptic flags to the mast,

Rats leaving the sinking ship,

Little Englanders

As we get bogged down in the Euro divorce,

In out, in out, shake it all about,

In or out

Watch as Human Rights erode,

So the far-right can do just what they like,

Sweat shop Britain is their goal,

David Cameron

Workers made slaves,

To profit the role.

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Putin on the Prejudice

Putin on the prejudice,

Russia’s homophobic president goes the extra mile,

Pussy Riot girls in bondage,

Locked up for expressing views,

Court hearing on Pussy Riot case

The rainbow flag hangs half mast,

As human rights in Russia remains firmly in the past,

Diversity is not allowed,


Putin’s put it down,

As he macho’s it up in his ex-wife’s ballgown,

Wrestling his power crazed body in Moscow’s saunas deep,

Closeted in the Kremlin,

He is almost in Narnia,

Putin in Narnia

And clamp down on anyone who expresses freedom,

To be who they are meant to be,

Poison a dissident,

Plutonium flavoured tea,

Putin it about,

Cracking down on gays,

Russia Protest

And anyone he wants gone,

We know his queer funny ways,

Is daft and really wrong.

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Sixty Years Ago

Sixty years ago,

We had the Queen crowned,

Communication was slower then,

Slow Communication

And a lot of water’s gone under the bridge,

Everything has changed,

Apart from status and power,

And lies,

Smoke screen cover-ups,

Truth now a rare thing hardly ever told,

Lurching from crisis to scandal,

Afraid of their own shadows,

Lurking in the sleazy fog,

Government Sleaze

Of corruption, sex and power,

The Queen has seen a lot of governments come and go,

And the disappointing drain of public faith,

The right-wing surge fed by the media,

Right Wing Media

And endless Class War mistakes.

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Cash For Questions

Cash for questions,

Arisen again,

Sleazy pigs at the trough of greed,

Trough of Greed

Lying leeches,

Using the parliament to feather their own nests,

Corruption in high places,

Feather their own nests

In the House of Lords it seems even worse,

Unelected cronies,

Ennobled and perverse,

Vermin in ermine,

Vermin in Ermine

Who make our democracy worse,

Low standards at the top,

Makes us all lose faith in the system,

And that is bad for our country,

How can we trust them that are on the make?

How can we trust them

How long do we have to wait?

If they can’t stop being on the make,

Rules and standards break,

Our trust broken down in institutions of power,

Lying Leeches

Rotten Lords, MPs,

A system in chaos,

Pigs at the trough.

Pigs at Trough

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Colin Brewer

Colin Brewer,

Colin Brewer

Fan of killing the disabled child,

Why did anyone vote for him?

A Cornish Nazi in disguise,

Who would have been well at home in 1930s Germany,


Not a Council in Cornwall,

In the 21st Century.

Disabled Child 3

To read the full transcript of Colin Brewer’s telephone interview click on the link below:

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You Can’t Bash The Bishop

You can’t bash the Bishop,

No matter how you try,

Even retired ones,

The rubbish Lord Carey speaks out of his backside,


Is ignorant beyond reason,

And is nonsense,

Sisters can’t marry sisters,

As that is incest,

And the law is very clear on that,

Tebbit and Carey both stupid prats,

And we all know that’s true,

Spread Lies

Repeat their prejudice often enough doesn’t make it true,

Equality in same gender marriage,

Is a human right,

Human Rights 2

And no reactionary Bishop or Tory twat,

Can ever change that fact,

They spread their stupid lies,


In such a dishonest way,

To pervert a point of view.

Human Rights

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Coldest May

Coldest May in 50 years,

The wind, the rain, the frost,


The rise of the right in politics,

How can we gain what we lost?

Even the weather has been austere,

The cuts to the poor,

The tax loopholes for the rich,

Propaganda of the right-wing press,


Stigmatises the disabled,

The poor,

Dog eat dogs,

Dog Eat Dog

And blames this mess,

On the people that didn’t cause it.


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