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Princess Anne’s Horsemeat

Princess Anne, Princess Anne,

Orders to eat horses whenever we can,

Anna Sewell spins in her grave,


Welfare for food,

Horses for meat,

Perverse kind of logic,

From the royal elite,

Sending to the knackers yard,


It would be so easy,

It wouldn’t be hard,

McDonald’s Red Rum burgers,


So yummy to eat,

Princess Anne horse steaks,

Such a tasty treat.



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The September Sun

In the September sun we walk in fields,

All full of green and yellow flowers,

To the graveyard of our beloved dead,

Gothic splendor of the yew trees,

The trees of the longtime dead,

Eerie and malevolent,

Dark and full of horror,

September Sun

The metal gate creaks with a metallic noise,

Like a muffled bell of death,

Soon after fruitfulness creeps into the decay that heralds death,

In nature all is plain to see,

Transformation, the seasons,

Overwhelm you and me,

We are never ready for the dark and falling decaying leaves,

And sleep and hibernation comes to living things,

All waiting for rebirth,

And birds that sweetly sing,

Bless your sweet souls that in spirit dimensions now grow in light and love and hope,

We will all meet again in our spiritual spring and summer,

Lands that are free of pain and grief,

Shining like the sun,

Rebirth and regrowth.

Glad Day

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Genocide in Syria

Genocide in Syria,

Gassing people like rats,

Syria Gassing

How can the world look on,

And not condemn mass murder on that scale?

Mideast Lebanon Syria TOPIX



A crime against humanity,

Someone is to blame,

And the nations can’t seem to stop this evil act of shame,

Genocide in Syria 2

Anyone who lets this evil go unpunished,

Is as evil as who launched this crime,

Tyrants will fall,

But innocents still die,

Weak world leaders,

Weak World Leaders 2

Condemn with words,

As children and babies die.

Genocide in Syria

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Putin on the Prejudice

Putin on the prejudice,

Russia’s homophobic president goes the extra mile,

Pussy Riot girls in bondage,

Locked up for expressing views,

Court hearing on Pussy Riot case

The rainbow flag hangs half mast,

As human rights in Russia remains firmly in the past,

Diversity is not allowed,


Putin’s put it down,

As he macho’s it up in his ex-wife’s ballgown,

Wrestling his power crazed body in Moscow’s saunas deep,

Closeted in the Kremlin,

He is almost in Narnia,

Putin in Narnia

And clamp down on anyone who expresses freedom,

To be who they are meant to be,

Poison a dissident,

Plutonium flavoured tea,

Putin it about,

Cracking down on gays,

Russia Protest

And anyone he wants gone,

We know his queer funny ways,

Is daft and really wrong.

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Identities of Dead Babies Stolen

Identities of dead babies stolen by the system,

Undercover, covert operations,


Using the names of the dead,

Couldn’t they have made a name up instead of stealing from the dead,

Permission of that practice came from the highest level,

Home Office revelations confirms,

And the Police Commissioner squirms,

Police Commissioner 2

A pathetic, weak apology,

As lessons are never learned,

What they do to people is evil and callous and wrong,

What else do they do behind the scenes?

What else is going on?

What else don't we know

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The Evil Gang

Iain Duncan Smith and the evil gang,

Fascist in their austerity master plan,

Evil Tories 3

The rights of the disabled gone at their blood stained hands,

Crimes against humanity across our land,

Empathy is seen as weakness in their sociopathic minds,

Every day they kill,

Evil Tories

Cameron the clown says phony things and does nothing but let people down,

All hot air and confidence tricks,

And in the future when the damage has been done,

Everyone will ask why wasn’t anything done?

Governments should not cause people harm,


But they do,

As selfishness,

And ignorance,

And blindness to the truth,

Hides for a short time,

Until it is revealed,

Then the blame games and whitewashing starts,

And we will all know how governments kill to save money,

Evil Tories 2

And that is not very funny.

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Washed by the Water of Life

Washed by the water of life,


Sparkling moist,


Spirit of fraternal love,

Lost to indifference and prevarication,

Stalling stymied excuses,

Of gross betrayal,

Honesty 3

A stranger on the street would treat a man more fair,

Anyone would know how unjust,

How indifference turns to loss of faith,

Taking advantage,

Being exploited,

For no logical reason,


Disappointment by a material man,

Annoying and judgmental with half-cocked plans,

Wish I could escape and break away,

Home truths remain unspoken and mean minds firmly closed,

End this situation now.

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