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Pure Planet Gone

Subduction of the continental shelf,

Exploration of the mineral wealth,

The gold and silver of Bolivia,

Spanish exploitations of the past,

Mining in Bolivia

Destruction of the native people’s civilisations merge,

Coca leaves numb the pain,

Chew the plant to ease the discomfort of mining under the ground,

Chewing on Coca Leaves 2

Shaping the topography,

Man scars the planet,

Shapes the land,

The independence of nation’s environments,

For wealth wise up,

As nations rise up,

Exploit the world and destroy nature,

Mining in Bolivia 5

Pure planet gone,

Pollution stains the natural world,

To feed the industry of man,

And nature retreats to a forgotten dream,

A purity now seldom seen.

Mining in Bolivia 2


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A Drover

Appear when conditions are right,

A drover on a Saturday night,

A ghost from a long gone time,

Beige image standing near the bar,


Not solid like you or I,

A spirit of a drover man,

Droving the livestock to market,


In the centre of Norwich City,

Underneath the castle mound,

Strange atmosphere,

Ghosts of drover gathering near,

Time slips,

A photograph image of the City’s past,

Norwich Market

Incredible proof there is no death,

Or how could the veil be seen?

Penetration of dimensions,

Of our metaphysical world,

Secrets of our hidden world.

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