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Growing Voices of Dissent

Growing voices of dissent,

Rejects the state control,


Thought police and right-wing media,

Thought Police

Tries to instruct us how to think and act,

Its obvious that the media attempts to brainwash us all,


As the media is the propaganda tool,

Of the Government of lies,

Spreads hatred of anyone the Government use to scapegoat,

To justify their policies,

Breeding Consent

Play on people’s prejudices, fears,

Makes us all less tolerant,

And even question what the Government doesn’t,

That’s the evil mind control,

The sheep under complete control,

Sheep Under Control

Not North Korea,

Open your eyes,

It’s happening here,

And it gets worse as the austerity policies take hold,

Rebel you sheep,

Rebel Sheep

And escape from the fold,

Or you will be next to be controlled.


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