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Ho Ho Foo Thumb

Ho ho foo thumb,

The Tories have sold our blood bank to an American firm,

DC Vampire

Ho ho ho few thumb,

Selling the blood of an Englishman,

Selling English Blood

Mitt Romney’s company,

The failed American president,

The Mormon family man,

Bleeding our nation like a vampire,

MR Vampire 3

Blood the new commodity,

Sold by the government of poverty,

Sanguine vampire yank,

MR Vampire

Sucking profits from the British blood bank.


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Despair the Cuts

Despair the cuts in mental health nursing numbers,

NHS Jobs Cuts

Storing up problems for future times to come,

The same week,

A pink coffin carried to a grave,

Funeral of FA

Desperate woman,

Infanticide suicide,

Jumped to her death,

Multi-storey car park,

After killing her three small children,

Funeral of FA & children

And the baby inside her,

All died,

Desperate and mentally ill,

Fiona Anderson

No help,

Tragic times,

No support,

No life lines,


Sinking in desperation,

Desperation 2

Legacy of this coalition.

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Prince Charles Has Spoken Out Of His Neck Again

Prince Charles has spoken out of his neck again,

About the NHS,

“Nurses should be more caring”,

Prince Charles

Stating the bleeding obvious,

Platitude from a royal scrounger,

No wonder this nation is in a mess,

Missed the real point by a mile,

PC 2

As a royal he must not be political,

That’s unconstitutional,

Charles the 1st lost his head over that in the aftermath of the civil war,

Charles I

We all know the truth,

Bad masters blame their serfs and bad workmen blame their tools,

The NHS is underfunded by those Tory fools,

Charlie boy can’t say that as he is a royal,

Talk to trees foolish Prince,


And stop the dieback disease,

Leave the destruction of the NHS to the Tory thieves.


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