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Maggie’s Dead – Part Two

You got into power in 1979,

My heart sank as I booed at you in Downing Street,

Maggie T Elected

I felt you would destroy our nation and encourage capitalist greed,

My fear and loathing grew,

As your policy’s spread like a cancer,

Factory and coal mines closed,

Thatcher Miners

You got more extreme every time you got in power,

Crushing all who you despised,


Your 3rd term was like your 3rd Reich

Poll tax a tax too far,

Poll Tax

Even your fellow Tory scummers stabbed you in the back,

Then replaced by John Major,

A useless excuse for a man,

Shagging Edwina Currie whenever he could get it up,

illustration Matt blease

We smile at the death of a fascist bitch,

Burn her up and throw her in a ditch,

Margaret Thatcher death celebrations in Brixton, London

And when the tributes have all been said,

Be happy,


Maggie’s dead.



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Theresa May

Theresa May, go away, your lies and excuses do not wash,

A monster from Dr Who is more genuine than you,

Out of your depth, chaos and lies, incompetent,

Everything you touch turns to poo,

Get dates of deportation wrong for fundamentalist clerics,

Who encourage their hate; how long do we have to wait ’till there is another bomb?

Violent police that slip through the net that unlawfully kill who they ought to protect,

Mislead, misrule and destroy the peace,

Go away Therasa May and take the coalition with you,

In the name of all that is good and pure and true,

God protect our nation

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