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Princess Anne’s Horsemeat

Princess Anne, Princess Anne,

Orders to eat horses whenever we can,

Anna Sewell spins in her grave,


Welfare for food,

Horses for meat,

Perverse kind of logic,

From the royal elite,

Sending to the knackers yard,


It would be so easy,

It wouldn’t be hard,

McDonald’s Red Rum burgers,


So yummy to eat,

Princess Anne horse steaks,

Such a tasty treat.



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Sixty Years Ago

Sixty years ago,

We had the Queen crowned,

Communication was slower then,

Slow Communication

And a lot of water’s gone under the bridge,

Everything has changed,

Apart from status and power,

And lies,

Smoke screen cover-ups,

Truth now a rare thing hardly ever told,

Lurching from crisis to scandal,

Afraid of their own shadows,

Lurking in the sleazy fog,

Government Sleaze

Of corruption, sex and power,

The Queen has seen a lot of governments come and go,

And the disappointing drain of public faith,

The right-wing surge fed by the media,

Right Wing Media

And endless Class War mistakes.

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Colin Brewer

Colin Brewer,

Colin Brewer

Fan of killing the disabled child,

Why did anyone vote for him?

A Cornish Nazi in disguise,

Who would have been well at home in 1930s Germany,


Not a Council in Cornwall,

In the 21st Century.

Disabled Child 3

To read the full transcript of Colin Brewer’s telephone interview click on the link below:

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Coldest May

Coldest May in 50 years,

The wind, the rain, the frost,


The rise of the right in politics,

How can we gain what we lost?

Even the weather has been austere,

The cuts to the poor,

The tax loopholes for the rich,

Propaganda of the right-wing press,


Stigmatises the disabled,

The poor,

Dog eat dogs,

Dog Eat Dog

And blames this mess,

On the people that didn’t cause it.


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Maggie’s Dead – Part Four

You left your mortal body in The Ritz,


The right-wing Tory press getting on my tits,

A stroke of luck,

Too late in time,

Too late in time

Should have been the Grand Hotel,

But the Devil looks after his own,

And death comes to she that waits,

The guilt trip of the powers that be,

Makes me laugh,

She was never voted out by the people of Finchley,

Just pushed away by 200 Tory friends,

Thatcher Tank

Political betrayal,

Stabbed in the back,

By Tory wide boys on the make,

Guilty gesture,

Open St Pauls,

St Pauls

Coffin on a gun carriage,

Carriage 3

Queen and them all,

Shedding their crocodile tears,

More important than Thatcher,

This Government’s very much alive,

Thatcher Cameron

Suppressing the poor,

The ill,

And the old,

Crushing us all with Tory and Lib Dem lies,

Destroying all hope of a better life,

Cameron Demans Tooth Fairy Money

Keeping Maggie’s legacy,

Cutting benefits like a stroke,

Like a butter knife.

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Growing Voices of Dissent

Growing voices of dissent,

Rejects the state control,


Thought police and right-wing media,

Thought Police

Tries to instruct us how to think and act,

Its obvious that the media attempts to brainwash us all,


As the media is the propaganda tool,

Of the Government of lies,

Spreads hatred of anyone the Government use to scapegoat,

To justify their policies,

Breeding Consent

Play on people’s prejudices, fears,

Makes us all less tolerant,

And even question what the Government doesn’t,

That’s the evil mind control,

The sheep under complete control,

Sheep Under Control

Not North Korea,

Open your eyes,

It’s happening here,

And it gets worse as the austerity policies take hold,

Rebel you sheep,

Rebel Sheep

And escape from the fold,

Or you will be next to be controlled.

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