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Egypt Army Coup

Coup by the army in Egypt,

Egypt Army Coup

Divorce of the Morsi Islamic Brotherhood,

Our government doesn’t really care,

As we didn’t want an Islamist government over there,

Morsi Voted In

Democracy in action,

The people of Egypt made a mistake,

Egypt's new president-elect, Muslim Brot

And the army has repaired it,

Wonder what would happen here,

If we got rid of our shower of shit,

Cameron & Clegg 2

Like the Egyptian people and army did?

We don’t have the gumption, the courage or the will,

To rise up,

And get rid of the Tory / Lib Dems,

And I expect the army and police wouldn’t help us,

Clegg, Cameron & Clegg

To be released from the grip of misrule,

So we have two more years of these fascist fools,

Cameron & Clegg

And will Ed Miliband be any better?

I only hope it’s so,

Ed Miliband

Or what can we do?

Social justice,

A thing of the past,

Of empty hopes that never last.


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Crisis of the C of E

Bishop of Norwich and the C of E,

Announcing on the local TV,

A £2 million shortfall in the red,

Diocese of Norwich

Now they are cadging and attempting to beg,

All the old biddies must be afraid,

As the C of E are trying to save,

Cash from the knitted hat brigade,

Landowners and dodgy deals,

Church Dodgy Deals

The tables in the temple turned,

What are the lessons learned?

Have they no fiscal sense,

Do they think we are dense?

Something has gone very wrong,

It makes no sense,

Always pleading poverty,

The cadging begging C of E.

C of E Begging

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You Can’t Bash The Bishop

You can’t bash the Bishop,

No matter how you try,

Even retired ones,

The rubbish Lord Carey speaks out of his backside,


Is ignorant beyond reason,

And is nonsense,

Sisters can’t marry sisters,

As that is incest,

And the law is very clear on that,

Tebbit and Carey both stupid prats,

And we all know that’s true,

Spread Lies

Repeat their prejudice often enough doesn’t make it true,

Equality in same gender marriage,

Is a human right,

Human Rights 2

And no reactionary Bishop or Tory twat,

Can ever change that fact,

They spread their stupid lies,


In such a dishonest way,

To pervert a point of view.

Human Rights

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W.H.T. Lord

Wandering Hand Troubles,

Foxy sounding Lord,

Soon found out mud sticks,


Institutional cover-ups,

Not the Catholic Church,


Not Jimmy Savile at the BBC,


A Lib Dem cover-up,

Nick Clegg’s lack of judgment?

Clegg 2

Tory dirty tricks?

As everyone knows, with sleaze mud often sticks,

Who generates these scandals?

Truth or political lies?

Political Lies

Is there a department somewhere that drip-feeds them into the public’s mind?

Or is it not as complex?

As deep conspiracy comes out eventually for the world to see,

Retirement isn’t a hiding place whilst truth is being uncovered,

Truth will set you free

Truth set you free

And face a lasting judgment for everyone to see,

Truth comes out in time.



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