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Storm All State-Run Buildings

Storm all State-run buildings,

Sit in, unite, occupy,

Fight for the rights of the vulnerable,

As the State wants them to die,


The callous creeps in government,

Cut benefits to the bone,

Storm Buckingham Palace,

Chain ourselves to the throne,

Make ourselves so visable,

Never go away,

Show this evil government,

The disabled will not fade away,


Name and shame the evil,

As only the rich survive,

Crimes against humanity,

And evil ConDem lies.



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Princess Anne’s Horsemeat

Princess Anne, Princess Anne,

Orders to eat horses whenever we can,

Anna Sewell spins in her grave,


Welfare for food,

Horses for meat,

Perverse kind of logic,

From the royal elite,

Sending to the knackers yard,


It would be so easy,

It wouldn’t be hard,

McDonald’s Red Rum burgers,


So yummy to eat,

Princess Anne horse steaks,

Such a tasty treat.


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Gun dog cowers in pain, in fear,

When brat draws near,

Edward's Evil Attack 2

Is it a bumpkin out in the sticks?

Or a cruel prince without any sense?

Bad tempered attack on a defenseless dog,

Edward's Evil Attack

Sums up the mindset of an inbred slob,

Meanwhile in London mummy’s money swells,

5% increase,

She’s doing very well,

Refit £1 million Kensington Palace,

As her younger son acts like a phallus,

Royal Phallus

Pigs all feeding at the trough,



Enough is enough.

Pigs at the Trough

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Tory Osborne

Tory Osborne,

Ten pound burger bun,

Osborne's Burger

Having his own sick Class War fun,

Mean to the point of callousness,

Mean-minded, cruel,

An evil mess,

George Osborne MP, Norwich, Norfolk, Jason Bye, 07/07/09

Give millions to the scrounging royals,

And nothing to the poor,


And now he’s started the Class War,

Rich being given everything,

Anarchist Pyramid

And nothing for the rest,

Pay freeze,

Lack of growth,

No investment for anyone,

GO 5

Unless you are a scrounging royal,

A baby factory,

Two palaces now one,

In Norfolk and London town,

Costing millions,

Yet anyone with an extra room has money deducted,

The poor being put in our place,

When royals have luxury palaces,

Kensington Palace

Come revolution!

Come rise up,

Wake up,

Let’s have some fun.

GO 6

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Sixty Years Ago

Sixty years ago,

We had the Queen crowned,

Communication was slower then,

Slow Communication

And a lot of water’s gone under the bridge,

Everything has changed,

Apart from status and power,

And lies,

Smoke screen cover-ups,

Truth now a rare thing hardly ever told,

Lurching from crisis to scandal,

Afraid of their own shadows,

Lurking in the sleazy fog,

Government Sleaze

Of corruption, sex and power,

The Queen has seen a lot of governments come and go,

And the disappointing drain of public faith,

The right-wing surge fed by the media,

Right Wing Media

And endless Class War mistakes.

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Maggie’s Dead – Part Four

You left your mortal body in The Ritz,


The right-wing Tory press getting on my tits,

A stroke of luck,

Too late in time,

Too late in time

Should have been the Grand Hotel,

But the Devil looks after his own,

And death comes to she that waits,

The guilt trip of the powers that be,

Makes me laugh,

She was never voted out by the people of Finchley,

Just pushed away by 200 Tory friends,

Thatcher Tank

Political betrayal,

Stabbed in the back,

By Tory wide boys on the make,

Guilty gesture,

Open St Pauls,

St Pauls

Coffin on a gun carriage,

Carriage 3

Queen and them all,

Shedding their crocodile tears,

More important than Thatcher,

This Government’s very much alive,

Thatcher Cameron

Suppressing the poor,

The ill,

And the old,

Crushing us all with Tory and Lib Dem lies,

Destroying all hope of a better life,

Cameron Demans Tooth Fairy Money

Keeping Maggie’s legacy,

Cutting benefits like a stroke,

Like a butter knife.

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Prince Charles Has Spoken Out Of His Neck Again

Prince Charles has spoken out of his neck again,

About the NHS,

“Nurses should be more caring”,

Prince Charles

Stating the bleeding obvious,

Platitude from a royal scrounger,

No wonder this nation is in a mess,

Missed the real point by a mile,

PC 2

As a royal he must not be political,

That’s unconstitutional,

Charles the 1st lost his head over that in the aftermath of the civil war,

Charles I

We all know the truth,

Bad masters blame their serfs and bad workmen blame their tools,

The NHS is underfunded by those Tory fools,

Charlie boy can’t say that as he is a royal,

Talk to trees foolish Prince,


And stop the dieback disease,

Leave the destruction of the NHS to the Tory thieves.


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Announce A Royal Baby

Announce a royal baby,


And bury bad news,

The papers are full of the royal baby news,

Morning sickness, sicken us all another scrounger,

Dog Vomiting

Shape-shifting lizards spawn to rich,

Rich Lizard

For Kate the Middleton earthling bitch.

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The Queen’s Barge

Brainwashing has begun; Queen’s Jubilee,

ITN News; the Queen is on a roll after all the problems the royal family has been through,

My heart weeps for them; never do they have to be poor,

Protected and privileged,

Worth all the cash the lick spittles,

Say they generate tourism and all that crap the propaganda claims,

A waste of resources, a waste of time,

Having everything handed on a plate,

While the poor and jobless, made scapegoats by the state,

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Lucky the Elephant- A Poem by Prem Nick

Lucky was the elephant in the Ugandan park running free and happy,


Until the King of England shot it dead .

Near the thorny Achaea tree,

What a lark in the park .



Then time for gin and tonics back at the embassy .

That was sixty years ago,

And royals don’t shoot to kill any more the PR men claim.


But what happened in the grounds at Sandringham ?


Shot a bird of prey William?


They did it when no one is looking,

They are a bunch of predators that suck the life blood out,

And hunt.

Shooting hawks in a wood,

Or an elephant or two


For they are inbred spongers that all should be kept in a zoo.


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