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The combine harvester working away,

Combine Harvester with Bales of Hay

The bales all piled up of freshly cut hay,

Blackberries in hedgerows glisten with dew,

Blackberry Hedgrow

Heat haze a-glistens wherever you go.


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Weary of the War of Words

Weary of the war of words,

The lies that people swallow,


The politicians do not care,

And they want sheep to follow,

Use you at election time,


To feather their own nests,

Muddle and chaos is the way to stop any progress,

Clamp down on any one deemed to be unproductive,



Starve them out,

Rich & Poor

Let them die,

Only the rich, the strong, survive,

And scrap us all in the ministry of neglect,

Of death and pain and sorrow,

As they plan the death of social care,

The NHS,

There is no tomorrow,


Crush the weakest,

Kill them off,

Save the money for the better-off,

This is the legacy of Thatcher carrying on,

As we all rot in hell like her,

And dream of a brighter tomorrow.


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Lost in a World of Conflict

Lost in a world of conflict and war,

The pursuit of happiness has gone,

War & Conflict

In a threat of gun violence and fanatics,

With bombs to slaughter the innocents,

Who dreamt of happier times,

Making people less free in the land of the free,

Land of the Free

Big money talks dictating policy,

At the expense of common sense,

Imploding in evil and violence,

No human rights of man,

Tom Paine’s legacy,

Thomas Paine

Just a new sham,

God save America,

As no man now can,

As people won’t learn,

And make huge mistakes,

As children are killed,

Children Killed

A nation’s heart breaks.

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Now The Dust Has Settled

Now the dust has settled,

And the ashes have been interned,

What lessons have we all learnt?

Are we more wiser to the depths establishment will go?

More Wiser 2

And the costs of their farewell,

Did it buy them any votes?


Did it give them any hopes?

Did it unite the nation like it did the Tory party?

Tories Unite

Did it lay any ghosts?

Lay Any Ghosts

Empty gestures mask the past,

Jingoistic feelings fade and never last,

They still continue digging up sordid allegations from the past,

Rolf-Harrising still goes on,

Tie my celebrity down,

The latest song deflection,

Dirty tricks campaign,

To take our minds off the Government misrule,


What depths will they sink to,

To open up Pandora’s Box?

Pandora's Box

Who will they next arrest, any MPs?

Past or present,

Watch and see,

It all will stop,

If it spreads to the top,

Everything rotten in our state,


Will disperse before it’s too late,

Who will be the next figure of hate,

We wait and see with bated breath.

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Richard III

Dug up in a car park, Richard III,

File photograph of archaeologist Mathew Morris standing in the trench where he found skeleton remains during an archaelogical dig to find the remains of King Richard III in Leicester

York Minister wants the bones,

An unseemly row breaks out, fighting over the bones,

Richard III Bones

Controversial in life and also in death,

Who wants to cash in on the tourist trade,

Cash-in 2

Unseemly arguments,

In what Cathedral laid?

War of the Roses,

Battle of Bosworth Weapons

Dynastic wars,

Power at any price,

Hunchback nephew killer, my Kingdom for a horse,


DNA and lots of tests, fighting over bones,

Dogs with bones

York and Leicester, scams,

Who wants the tourists plans?

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Political work now finished,

Bye Bye

Revenge by ex-wife you set aside,

Huhne Pryce

Perverting the course of justice, controlling your ex to lie,

A dead, long gone king in a car park has more of a chance than you,

Richard III

Even if he murdered his nephews, who knows what is really true?


Power corrupts, in the past bloody dynastic wars,

People in power sometimes lie and kill to keep it too,

Power at any price

You don’t need to be honest, power at any price,

Even some Tories don’t like Huhne, his arrogant style ain’t nice,


Slippery controlling pig of a man, shifty controlling shit,

Richard III, 21st century Huhne, brought down by the woman he hurt,

Brought Down

Forced to lie for her man.

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Snow and frost and mind numbing cold,


Valentine’s Day for the romantic fold,

Red roses at twenty pound for five, it’s great for lovers to be alive,


Snowdrops poke up from the ground,


The first signs of spring to be found.

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The Leveson Inquiry

Set up an inquiry out of public concerns,

Bandwagon jumping, no lessons learned,

Jump on the Bandwagon

You supped with the devil and used a short spoon,

Supping with the Devil

No one, without any doubt, knows the truth from the lies,

Drinking at the trough of the last chance saloon,

Supping at the Trough

The rags of lies,

Sickness of the media sharks,

Out of control, no balance,

Making up things that just aren’t true,

Cover-ups fed by the powers that be,

Three Liars

Waste people’s time and lives perverting the truth,

Can’t stop the tide of the sea of truth,

Washing over the establishment,

Blowing up in the face of cover-ups and lies,

What is the point of a judicial review if the government doesn’t act?

Can’t seem to divorce themselves from their partners of lies,

Jump on a bandwagon, Cameron lies,

Full of lies and says what he thinks he wants people to hear,


Inconsistent and unclear,

Muddled and corrupt,

Full of hot wind that melts in the air.

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Norman Lamb

Norman Lamb, you bleat away on the radio about funding for mental health,

You talk out of your backside, Norman Lamb,

Ignore the needs of ill people, across our mentally ill land,

Care in the community cutbacks, underfunded, you must understand,

That people want a good health service, right across our land.

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The Bees Don’t Thrive

The bees are dying in this land and there’s a reason why,

Chemicals that should be banned are not, and we want to know why?

Environmental time bomb, time to make a stand,

Tories destroy the countryside and destroy the land,

Badger cull is useless, it’s not a sensible plan,

Imported infected ash trees have started to cause harm,

Lead shot in the environment is causing untold harm.

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