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Land of No Hope

Land of no hope with Tories,


No one and nothing is free,

Watch how they exploit us,

Destroying liberty,

Enslave and exploit the poor,

The final solution of their class war,


They gather like vermin conference time,

Making unemployment the new crime,

The selfish rich feather their nests,

And treat the underprivileged like pests,


The nasty party will never change,

Greed and slavery they depend,

The millionaires true friend,

Feather their nests

21st century serfdom,

‘Work will make you free’,


An idea nicked from the Nazis,

By the nasty party.


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IDS Chaos

Slave labour by the government and DWP is illegal,

The courts have upheld,

Upheld 2

No one should be compelled, to work for nothing,

Iain Duncan Smith’s evil work unfair scam, in chaos across the land,

Att. Ayes to the Left -

Intransigent government will try to appeal,

They don’t like to be in the wrong,

Exploit the unemployed, the government’s plan,


Boycott the companies,

Name and shame those that exploit the poor,

Att. Occupy Wall Street

End this evil class war.

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