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Genocide in Syria

Genocide in Syria,

Gassing people like rats,

Syria Gassing

How can the world look on,

And not condemn mass murder on that scale?

Mideast Lebanon Syria TOPIX



A crime against humanity,

Someone is to blame,

And the nations can’t seem to stop this evil act of shame,

Genocide in Syria 2

Anyone who lets this evil go unpunished,

Is as evil as who launched this crime,

Tyrants will fall,

But innocents still die,

Weak world leaders,

Weak World Leaders 2

Condemn with words,

As children and babies die.

Genocide in Syria


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Egypt Army Coup

Coup by the army in Egypt,

Egypt Army Coup

Divorce of the Morsi Islamic Brotherhood,

Our government doesn’t really care,

As we didn’t want an Islamist government over there,

Morsi Voted In

Democracy in action,

The people of Egypt made a mistake,

Egypt's new president-elect, Muslim Brot

And the army has repaired it,

Wonder what would happen here,

If we got rid of our shower of shit,

Cameron & Clegg 2

Like the Egyptian people and army did?

We don’t have the gumption, the courage or the will,

To rise up,

And get rid of the Tory / Lib Dems,

And I expect the army and police wouldn’t help us,

Clegg, Cameron & Clegg

To be released from the grip of misrule,

So we have two more years of these fascist fools,

Cameron & Clegg

And will Ed Miliband be any better?

I only hope it’s so,

Ed Miliband

Or what can we do?

Social justice,

A thing of the past,

Of empty hopes that never last.

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Maggie’s Dead – Part One

Respect is something earned, not gained,

Your death doesn’t change my mind from 1979,

Your poison spells made the nation empty and unequal,


Thatcher was unkind,

From milk snatcher to the war,

Falklands War 2

With working people,

Encouraging human greed,

Of yuppy days bankers’ power growing,

Greed overflowing,


Your 3rd term was just evil,

With the council tax,

Even your nasty Tory friends stabbed you in the back.


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Syrian Escalation

Wissam al-Hassan, blown up in Beirut,

In a big bang,

Syria gets the blame,

Escalating violence is crazy, who is to blame?

Blowing up Christians in Damascus ain’t very nice,

Al-Bashar bashes all he suspects,

Peace blocked, vetoed by Russia and Chinese,

Rest of the world is impotent, can’t get any peace,

Despots fall in time or face a war crime trial,

Unstable world of chaos,

Troubled blood times,

When will people ever learn hate and bloodshed is not the way,

As doves of peace all fade away and killing becomes the norm.

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